Sailing Programme - next three weeks

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  Sunday   3   13:00hrs   Club Championships 1&2
Our Club sailing programme can be found here
A combined sailing programme can be found here

About Club Racing.
The Club sails on Saturdays and/or Sundays from September through to April. We also run a winter series for those who are keen. Sailing times vary to coincide with incoming tides. Handicap racing ensures all sailors have an opportunity to compete on a fair basis and perhaps take home a trophy even when sailing an older boat.

Safe sailing under Covid19 Level 2
To allow for safe sailing under L2 we must consider.
1. Not sailing or even attending our Club if we feel unwell or have covid19 symptoms.
2. Keep to the physical distancing requirements and work within our “bubbles”. This is particularly important for support teams and guests. Reduce to a minimum mingling and chatting. Standing outside on the balcony (in the wind) is better.
3. Apply the hygiene recommendations already published.
4. No canteen and no showers. Changing rooms can be used one bubble at a time and wear masks.
5. The Cab must have an RO or observer while boats are on the water.
6. The skippers briefing to be run from the balcony negating the need for crews to gather in the clubrooms.
7. One person to do the registration of boats, crews, support teams and any other guests. Those who can must use the Club QR code. For Club members name only is required and for all others a contact number is required. The list to be retained in the cab.
8. Toilets may be used. All internal doors should be jammed open to allow wind through.
9. After the day is completed lock up and walk away, leave cleaning for another week.
10. Wearing of masks in the club rooms is required.
11. We are told that the most common way Covid19 spreads is person to person through water droplets and aerosols exhaled as we breath or talk. Standing apart in the wind reduces this chance.
Health and Safety
If you are new to sailing here read our useful check list of stuff we should think about, look at and check on to help us avoid injury. Remember also a big part of safe sailing is attending the skippers briefing before any event.

Some Health and Safety stories.
  • About our Check List to keep you safe
  • Completing the race entry form
  • Create good rigging habits
  • It can be cold out there
  • Know your limits when sailing
  • Sailing in boisterous conditions
  • Sliding on a drop of water
  • Slipping on black ice
  • That sharp blade and spinning bit
  • The Health and Safety Act 2015
  • The shaved down cork bung
  • Think safe be safe - What to do
  • When the wind comes around the building

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