Learn to sail at the Waimak

Yachts we sail at our Club:-

One junior crew, length 2.36m. Single sail sprit-rigged area 3.3sq/m.

One junior crew, length 2.3m. Single sail area 4.2sq/m.

Learn to sail as part of your Club membership.

Our Club is a fun, social and safe environment in which to learn to sail and a great place to make new friends. You will be able to benefit from the advice, support and experience of other Club members. Through our Club you will find out about sailing opportunities and participate in a wide range of events including racing.
Our sailing programmes are run by experienced sailors who are always happy to pass on years of sailing knowledge.
You do not need to own a boat to learn how to sail and for the first year you can use one of the Club yachts as you find out which class you would find the most fun to sail.
As sailing is an outdoor pursuit, your clothing needs to protect you from the elements - sun, wind, water. In small boats, water-friendly clothing such as a wetsuit is best. Also weather-proof jacket and pants are a good option that allow for layers. Be prepared for all weather conditions and remember it’s always colder out on the water and in the wind. Our Club runs a formal learn to sail course plus there is the less formal "apprenticeship" style where you crew or skipper a yacht with a more experienced Club sailor. Whether you join our Club with some sailing experience or none at all we can tailor a learn to sail programme to suit you.

Not sure what to do then try this learn to sail matrix.

My sailing experience is:-I will learn to sail best by:-My level:-
A bit of sailing many years agoDoing a formal learn to sail courseSenior
Some and I understand the basics Sailing as crew for a start Youth
I have never sailed before Using my own yacht with some Club coachingJunior

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