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Health and Safety

 At home it is my task to load and unload the dishwasher. An easy choir that requires at most two paces to get each item out of the washer and into the cupboard. The occasional item will not have dried properly and a few drops of water will splash on the floor. Step carefully around the spot and there is no real problem, it dries away quickly. Yet a few days ago, in a hurry, I stepped on one of those drops and took a slide. This time it was a very short slide but enough to give me a fright and a warning to slow down.

 The thing I noticed from this slide was how small the drop of water was. It did not need much to get the base of my slipper aquaplaning. Now our playing environment is the water so we are used to slippery surfaces be they the boat deck, the ramp or the stairs. What will catch us out will be those few drops of water in that unexpected place around the kitchen or along the corridor. Step carefully along know wet areas in the corridor and changing rooms.

Kerry O'Brien



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