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Subscription and Fees for the season 2022-2023
The due date for these subscription and boat storage fees is 31 October 2022
Payment can be made by direct credit to the WSC bank account: Westpac 03-0674-0091930-00
(Include name, initials and reference subs.)

Membership Subscription
Club FeesYNZ
Total to pay
Senior$185.00 $32.00 $217
Family of 2 members$255.00$64.00$319
Family of 3 or more members$285.00$79.00$364
Junior or Youth
(under 18years as at 31 December)
Social and Powerboat$25.00$32.00$57
Friend of the Waimak - Donation

Onsite boat storage.
Boat Storage Fees Storage Facility Annual Fee
per boat
Senior - indoorsUnder Clubrooms$200.00
Senior - outdoorsIn adjacent section$75.00
Junior - indoorsUnder Clubrooms$100.00
Junior - outdoorsIn adjacent section$40.00
Other storage - on application$

Important additional information:
1.Club Sailing Instruction and Regulations are published on this website. It is a condition of sailing at the Club that an approved Personal Flotation Device (i.e. Lifejacket or Buoyancy vest in good repair) shall be worn at all times while on the water.
2.The instructions of the Race Officer shall be complied with at all times.
3.Unless stated otherwise or alternative arrangements have been made with the Membership Convenor, annual Subscriptions, Affiliation Fees and Boat Storage fees must be paid by the due date each year. For this season the due date is 31 October 2022. If storage fees are not paid by the due date, unfinancial members will have 30 days to remove their boat from the Club’s storage areas.
4.The membership period runs from the 1st September to the 31st August each year.
5. Canterbury Yachting Association levies are incorporated in your Club Subscriptions.
6. If you have any enquiries regarding Subscriptions or Boat Storage Fees, please contact the Membership Convenor.
1.Boat storage space is limited and will be offered to financial members on receipt of subscription fees. Priority will be given to those who sail regularly.
2.The boat Storage Period is from 1 September to 31 August each sailing season.
3.If Boat Storage fees are not paid by the due date, members will have 30 days to remove their boat(s) from the Club’s storage areas.
4.It is the responsibility of boat owners to insure their boats & any equipment kept on club premises.
5.Road trailers are not permitted in storage sheds.
*Our privacy consent statement can be read here.
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